Credit Management and Credit Control


Credit Management and Credit Control 

We have many industry contacts that specialise in the credit management and credit control for the collection of current and overdue accounts from businesses.

The late payment of invoices and in the worst case scenario – bad debts, can severely impact on a company’s cash flow.

By utilising an Outsourced Credit Control Service you will see improved cash flow, and a reduction in both debtor days and potential bad debt. In addition using confidential collections can assist as an enhancement to existing in-house function or as a fully outsourced service.

Collection companies can also provide dedicated collections personnel with multi-lingual capabilities and dedicated client relationship teams.

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Debt Recovery Services

Debt Recovery Services are used in situations where formal credit control has ceased  with a debtor and the next step is needed.

The next step can be pre-legal  advice through to formal to legal recoveries, which can involve collecting all forms of debt, from aged to disputed including full sales ledger collections.

Some Recovery Services can even be arranged on a “Success only” debt recovery service – so in some cases there is no financial risk as the collection agency assesses the likelihood of a successful outcome at the outset before taking on a case.

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