Commercial Mortgages / Buy to Let Finance / Development Property Finance


Commercial Mortgages  / Buy to Let Finance / Development Property Finance 

Commercial Mortgages

Whether your business requires a long-term loan secured by commercial property or you are looking for a short-term solution to generate cash we have a panel of lenders and specialist commercial finance providers that can find you a solution.

Remember thought that Commercial mortgages are different to Residential mortgages – so each application is assessed on it’s own merit before a rate is quoted by a lender.

The rate quoted will be higher if the lenders underwriter sees more risk in a proposed advance against a property. If there is too much perceived risk most lenders will decline to quote, but there are other lenders who cater to higher risk cases, but at a higher price in terms of the rate.

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Buy to Let Finance 

Buy to let finance is designed for investors wanting to purchase a property and let it out to tenants. The owner can benefit from any increases in property value, while rental income can be used to meet the loan or mortgage repayments.

Many of the principle lenders in the UK have withdrawn from this market and that has lead to a rise in new lenders entering the market.

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Development Property Finance

There are no hard and fast “loan to values” with property development finance. Each development is assessed on its merit taking into account the following:

  1. Type of development (e.g. residential, commercial, houses, flats etc);
  2. Location of the development (prime locations can obtain higher levels of funding);
  3.  How profitable the project is likely to be (the more profitable, the higher the possible loan)
  4. The experience of the property developer

Property development finance is available for good quality projects. To get an idea of the level of funding available for your development, contact us with details of your proposal.

In summary, it all depends upon the perceived risk – and how much of this you and the lender will take with your relevant financial stake in the project.

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Other Specialist Property Finance  - Finance available for Landlords to increase their Property Portfolio with minimum Capital Investment

Our associates have a product that has been developed for clients purchasing or refinancing residential property with the intention of completing some minor refurbishment and decoration before letting the property. There are two stages;

  • an initial advance (up to 70% of valuation/purchase price) to assist with the purchase of the property;
  • following the refurbishment and subsequent tenanting of the property (up to 70% of enhanced valuation is then released).

The facility allows investors to increase their existing portfolios with minimum (net) capital investment.

Client Profile : The facility is available to individual, partnership and Limited company investors – so long as they have past experience in completing renovations. Please note investors are expected to have strong personal net worth.

Projects: The refurbishment, of subject properties, must require no change of planning permission, (before or after), and such properties must be in a habitable condition, requiring only light refurbishment. There are to be no structural changes and the work required needs to be largely decorative, with refurbishment costing less than 25% of the purchase price.

This facility is available to professional landlords only and is not available on client’s own domestic residences.

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